February 23, 2013: Winnie Ng delivers a stirring message for activists: People, Power, Change

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The 2013 WWAC fundraiser was successful in bringing together Windsor labour and social justice advocates to hear an important message about movement building in the 21st century from longtime activist Winnie Ng.

In part her message was of the need to recognize the “complexity of diversity” and that when we meet as activists in the many meetings and other social interactions we have that we need to “meet one to one with our hearts as well as our hands and feet”, referring to all the rallies and meetings we go to.

All these things are important and necessary, but if we are to build a movement together we need to understand the “collective story of us” and that we need to move from “issue based” organizing to “value based” organizing, and values come from the heart.

Winnie Ng prepares to speak. (Photo: Doug MacLellan Photography)

As an example she outlined her own life in Canada coming from Hong Kong as a student and working as a chambermaid in a hotel suffering sexual harassment and racism. As she became active in the union movement, her experiences helped her relate to other workers she was helping to organize.

She also pointed to the Occupy and Idle No More movements as examples of value based organizing full of creativity in the quest for social justice, equity, and equality. The forces we are up against are eager to instill fear and apathy in us, but that can be countered if we can “meet each other from the heart and maintain a sense of hopefulness.”

Audio coming soon

Board president WWEC, member at large Social Justice Windsor District Labour Council. President, Global Resource Centre.

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