Stop the $6 million cut to Employment Standards enforcement. Stop wage theft.

February 9, 2012|Posted in: Community News, News, Uncategorised

Despite the fact that workplace violations are at a crisis, the government wants to cut $6 million out of Employment Standards enforcement.  

Since we launched our action alert about the cuts to Employment Standards enforcement last week, emails have been streaming in to Premier Dalton McGuinty urging him to stop the cuts.  If you have not yet sent an email, please do so today and forward this information to your networks!

EMAIL Dalton McGuinty to ask him to keep his promise to workers and stop the cut today:

Wage theft is at a crisis.
People need confidence that when they go to work they will be paid.  However, every day we are seeing workers not getting paid their wages.  In a recent survey of workplace violations, WAC found that 1 in 3 people in low waged jobs face unpaid wages. Now more than ever workers need protection from wage theft.


  1. Email Premier Dalton McGuinty here and tell him to keep his promise to workers.
  2. Call your MPP and ask them to make sure the government does not cut $6 million from Employment Standards enforcement. Download a fact-sheet and sample phone script here. Find out who your MPP is at
  3. Watch our new video and share this information with others in your community and urge them to take action.

In Solidarity,


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