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Tuesday November 12th 2013 | Windsor Worker's Education Centre

Tuesday November 12th 2013

November 12, 2013|Posted in: Uncategorised

Mall Flyer Connection

Retail Flyer

Two people. Ten Flyers.  And a very small action: standing outside in the cold with just our voices and a simple flyer about retail workers rights.

We were greeted warmly by 9 people, some people thanked us, some people smiled, some people told us their stories:

  • A security guard told us it was a good idea to remind people of their employment rights. He told us he left his last job as a security officer at  a local scrap yard because he felt unsafe seeing coyotes and rats on his regular patrols.
  • A retail worker told us that holiday pay not being paid to them was a concern.
  • A man who had recently been laid off from the Parkway project. He told us that he worked for the company responsible for producing the flawed girders. He is looking for a new job He thanked us for sharing the information with him.
  • Three retail workers looking pretty determined to ignore us and our flyers broke into smiles when they took the information on retail workers’ rights. They seemed glad to see someone was paying attention to them.

This is the first of  some direct actions to reach workers where they work. The idea is to help them  learn about their rights in the workplace so they can become advocates themselves and help their co-workers.

We’re looking for a few good flyer activists to join us on Tuesday mornings at various retail locations in Windsor. Please email or call if you’d like to join us: info@wwac.ca (Ph): 519 252 1212

Board president WWEC, member at large Social Justice Windsor District Labour Council. President, Global Resource Centre.

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