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March 9, 2012|Posted in: Uncategorised

Wage theft is a growing problem.  The Windsor Worker’s Action Centre is working hard to help workers avoid becoming victims of wage theft, by actively engaging in a campaign to educate both workers and employers across the City of Windsor.  Don’t become a victim!  Stay informed!

Wage Theft Flyer [PDF]

• As an employee, you are entitled to receive statutory holiday pay on ALL statutory holidays at a rate of at least 1.5x your regular pay.
• You are entitled to vacation pay at a rate of 4%.
• You are entitled to 1.5x your regular pay after working more than 44 hours in any given week.
• You are entitled to receive payment on a regular pay schedule.
• You are entitled to receive a wage statement with your regular pay outlining the pay period for which the wages are being paid, your wage rate, the gross amount of wages before taxes/deductions, the amount and purpose of each wage deduction, and the net amount of wages.
• Employers can not make a deduction from your wages if the purpose is to cover a loss due to faulty
work (i.e. work that is spoiled or rejected, tools are broken, a company vehicle is damaged, etc.).

1 in 3 workers faces a regular violation of their basic rights. Don’t become a statistic. If you have been a victim of wage theft, please contact the Windsor Works Action Center at 519-252-1212.



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