Windsor Workers’ Action Centre denounces practice of “tip dipping”

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Windsor Workers’ Action Centre

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For Immediate Release

June 15, 2012

Windsor, On: The Windsor Workers’ Action Centre (WWAC) has been working to expose the issue of wage theft for several months. Recent reports in the media about “tip dipping” or “tipping the house” are further examples of how workers are exploited. The Windsor Workers’ Action Centre strongly condemns the practice of tip dipping and supports NDP MPP Michael Prue’s private member’s bill meant to prohibit the practice. New York State and Michigan prohibit tip dipping.  In addition, we believe that contrary to reports, tip dipping is common, and a growing problem. In a depressed economy such as ours, workers are understandably reluctant to confront an employer for infractions of employment laws, and as a result employers become ever more emboldened to exploit workers.

On May 29th, representatives of WWAC met with Jesse Rosenberg, policy advisor to the Minister of Labour, to discuss issues around the Employment Standards Act. During our discussion Mr. Rosenberg asked for our opinion on the private member’s bill and we indicated our support for it. He countered that the bar and restaurant associations they have heard from warned that if the bill passes bar and restaurants will simply add a percentage to a customer’s bill and keep all of it, shutting out the workers altogether. We stressed that the minister needs to consult with the workers and that the restaurants and bars risk a public backlash. We also stressed there needs to be better enforcement of labour law, more inspections, and measures to make it easier for workers to file complaints.

The Windsor Workers’ Action Centre can assist workers with problems in the workplace. Together we can plan action on how to counter exploitation, with workers taking the lead and WWAC acting as an advocate. Bar and restaurant workers, regardless where they work, can take collective action to prevent exploitation.


Board president WWEC, member at large Social Justice Windsor District Labour Council. President, Global Resource Centre.

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