August 7 2013

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Organizing Against the Flow: Learning from the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly

Published on Tuesday, 06 August 2013 09:00

By Alan Sears

The global slump since 2008 has cast a sharp light on the glaring injustices that characterize global capitalism at every level. Yet there is a horrible gap between the perception that something is wrong and the sense we can do something about it. The greatest challenge anti-capitalists face today is to work towards closing that gap. Activists on Toronto’s anti-capitalist left came together in new ways to try to close this gap in response to the financial crisis of 2008 that signaled the start of the ongoing global slump. At the time, many activists felt we needed to prepare to work together more effectively, given that employers and state policy-makers were sure to respond to this economic downturn with brutal attacks on wages, working conditions and social programmes. Sadly, this prediction was accurate.

At the same time, many anticipated that the brutal attacks would unleash a new wave of mobilization that would move anti-capitalist organizing out of the margins. To date, such a sustained fightback has not emerged on a significant scale within the Canadian state, with the notable exception of the 2012 Quebec student strike. Unfortunately, the attacks by employers and state policy-makers have largely gone unanswered, except for small-scale actions.


Board president WWEC, member at large Social Justice Windsor District Labour Council. President, Global Resource Centre.

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