Free Bike Clinics from the Centre for Popular Education

March 21, 2011|Posted in: Uncategorised

As part of the Popular Education Centre initiative of community based education, starting on April 3rd, you are invited to a free series on how to repair and maintain your own bicycle. The workshops will be hands-on – that means you will be doing the work! Highly trained volunteers will display and guide you through all you need to know to keep you, and your bike, in tip top condition for the coming summer.

Weekly Schedule:

April 3rd: 11am

Bike Basics and Daily Maintenance

April 10th: 11am

Replace a tire and Tube

April 17th: 11am

Brake cable replacement and adjustment


Windsor Workers Action Centre

328 Pelissier

For more Information contact: Jason Turpin

Phone: 519-984-5858


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