Campaign Actions

Workers First Petition Campaign: We Demand Changes

On Friday, May 22nd, 2010 the Windsor Workers Action Centre held a rally in the front of the constituency office of Sandra Pupatello to advocate for a provincial wage protection program aimed at ensuring that all workers in Ontario receive their full termination and severance payments when their employment is terminated.  Too many workers are not receiving the termination and severance money owed to them by law as per the Employment Standards Act.  There are also too many workers in small workplaces who are ineligible for severance pay as workplaces with less than 50 employees are not required to pay. Ministry of Labour Statistics put termination pay as the third largest Employment Standard complaint in 2008. With all the layoffs in 2009, this problem is only getting worse. This province needs a program to protect workers in these situations along with new policies and resources to make certain the law is being enforced in a timely manner.

A number of workers from both union and non-union closed plants  spoke at the Rally along with representatives from the Workers Action Centre and the CAW.

As part of the Workers First campaign, we have initiated a petition to see the necessary changes to labour law in Ontario and have requested a meeting with the Minister of Labour to present the petition directly to him.

Please sign the online petition and circulate to all your friends, family, and activists organizations that you are affiliated with.

We all need to come together to project all workers equally with dignity and fairness – especially as both employers and governments see the poor economic times as an opportunity to further attack worker people and their families.

You can sign the petition in person at the Workers’ Action Centre at 328 Pelissier or go to the following link to sign our online petition:

For further Information contact us at

Or call: 519-252-1212